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Jab the Flab – Learn 5 Weight Loss Secrets of Great Boxers

Boxers have to make the weight. One pound over, and they don’t even get to compete. The same goes for kickboxing, MMA and wrestling. Other than Jockeys, there’s not many other athletes where the weight matters so much. After more than 15 years of teaching Authentic Fitness Boxing, cornering for elite boxers and competing in martial arts, I’ve picked up a few secrets about making our fighting weight. You will …Read More

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Fitness Boxing Training Routines for Home – 3 simple tips to get great results

Have you bought boxing gear to workout at home? Good decision. Fitness Boxing at home is effective, free and fun. However, like any exercise, to get great results and keep it safe you’ve got to do it right. Here are 3 common errors and how to fix them. Error #1 – Poor Punching Technique. Do you know women often punch better than men? When men start my Boxout classes many …Read More

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Tone Your Legs With Boxing – 5 Ways to Shape and Strengthen Your Legs in a Boxing Workout

Tone Your Legs With Boxing – 5 Ways to Shape and Strengthen Your Legs in a Boxing Workout By Patrick W Moore When people join my Fitness Boxing classes, many wonder if boxing is a good leg workout. So I show them what a great leg workout boxing is – when you do it right. Here are 5 quick tips you can include during your home or gym boxing workouts …Read More

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How To Get Started With A Boxing Workout At Home in 5 Simple Steps

“It ain’t easy.” That is the sign above the boxing ring in one of the most famous boxing gyms in the USA – the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles. If you have ever tried to punch a punching bag in your garage you will likely agree. Three minutes of boxing is a long time! Which is why, if you are going to get fighting fit at home, you need …Read More

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Boxing Workouts on Your MP3 Or iPod – Why They Work Better Than Boxing DVDs, and How to Get Started

´╗┐An authentic boxing workout is very different from box-aerobics. In an aerobic style class/DVD you punch into the air. With a boxing workout you hit targets – punching bags or punch mitts. But you still need a routine to call the shots and push you through your workout. This article explains why an audio / Mp3 routine works better than a DVD for boxing, and gives 5 tips for getting …Read More

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